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Food Waste Dye Workshop Flyer. Onion Skins. 3/31 11am pst Instagram Live @eastweststuff and TikTok Live @eastwestshop
Dyeing with Onion Skins Natural dyeing and tie dyeing are a fun way to cover stains on stained clothing and/or cloth napkins and rags The goal of this post is to not overwhelm you with information or teach you a...
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East West Shop Garment Lifecycle Sustainable Fashion Lifecycle.  Shows illustrations of each step.  The steps are shown enlarged separately

Chances are if you've stopped into our shop before and mentioned this lifecycle (it currently lives printed on a curtain towards the back of the shop) you've heard all of the information below.  But for all of you who don't get the pleasure of stopping in I've written it all out below for you.  I hope it gives you an idea of what goes into making your clothes and inspires your future buying choices!

- Erin Han

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Example of East West Shop Sashiko Quilt Mending for Garment Repair.  Blog post includes a video with instructions.
Japanese Sashiko style quilting is a fun and easy way to repair many holes and worn fabric. The materials needed are simple and can be found around your home. If you enjoy this technique you may want to upgrade your materials to the Japanese needles, thread and thimble that are intended for this type of repair.
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East West Shop x Brenda Chi handy guide on how to measure your waist

We know that the hardest thing to buy online are denim and trousers so we've put together this handy guide to help you measure your waist at home!  Same rules apply to measure your hip.  Simply repeat over the widest part of your bottom.

Drawn by contributor Brenda Chi.  Check out her pieces for sale on our website here.  And her website here!

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