Sashiko Tutorial with Hello Kitty Recycling Club

Sashiko Tutorial with Hello Kitty Recycling Club

Have you ever wanted to cover a hole on one of your favorite garments?  The Japanese repair technique called Sashiko may be a good solution and can make up cool story telling with your clothes!  

Sashiko originated in rural Japan and means "little stabs".  It's a hand mending techique of repeating stitches used to quilt a new piece of fabric.  It can be used to cover holes & reinforce worn areas on clothing.  Patches can be handmade, decorated or scraps of fabric.  Your patch will weaken the the fabric around it, so eventually you may need to add more patches.  And the story telling of your garment begins!

While there are traditional methods - we like to freestyle and get creative with it.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun!  

Our video tutorial below will help you on your journey... and there are limitless other resources available online.  

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