Sashiko Quilt Repair Video

Example of East West Shop Sashiko Quilt Mending for Garment Repair.  Blog post includes a video with instructions.
Japanese Sashiko style quilting is a fun and easy way to repair many holes and worn fabric. The materials needed are simple and can be found around your home. If you enjoy this technique you may want to upgrade your materials to the Japanese needles, thread and thimble that are intended for this type of repair. However-since the objective is repair and to keep our Earth beautiful - please don't let the correct materials stand in your way!
We realize that the future of the apparel industry is in buying new clothing that is quality and made to last and to repair and mend as things wear out. Quality clothing is worth the time! We love the story that clothing can tell...
Links below for the materials found in our video:
Additional Sashiko and other DIY materials available HERE